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Media Contact Info:


Media Center Home® Media Policy Statement adheres to an active media policy that welcomes the media to be involved with our company and our Team. If any media coverage of is desired, whether in person or via email or phone, please contact our Public Relations Team with details about your desired coverage matter. This media policy is in effect to maintain a positive relationship with outside media, and to ensure that the communications between the media and flows smoothly.


Policy Purpose

  • To provide clear procedures as to how proactively works alongside media to release public information while maintaining the company standards. These procedures will allow for a simple and direct communications process between the media and
  • To utilize the best possible means of interacting with the media in order to inform the public about events, positions, policies, news, and other related matters through the use of interviews, media releases, and other media communications.


Media Inquiries for Taping/Interviews/Property Tours

To request a time for taping or an interview, media should contact the Public Relations Team. Inquiries for an interview, taping, or property tour should be made a minimum of 48 hours in advance, in order to avoid scheduling conflicts. The appropriate party will be in contact as soon as possible. Media kits with names, information, organization history, and B-roll will be offered to any media outlets. When requesting a session for an interview or taping, please provide specific information as to the subject matter you are interested in covering, so that an appropriate representative can schedule a time with your media outlet. Inquiries will be answered in a timely manner, but information must be approved before it is released. If media reaches out to a specific Team Member and not to the Public Relations Team or Media contact, that individual must first seek approval from the PR Team or Media contact. A Media Team Member may be required to be present during the interview to ensure that no sensitive information is released.


Who May Speak for® has specific Team Members that are prepared to address inquiries from the media. If a media outlet requests an interview or seeks information, a knowledgeable Team Member will be in contact. For media desiring information about a specific Team Member, will request permission to release the desired information before any information is given to the media. At no point may a Team Member speak to media without consulting the PR Team or specified Media contact first. As stated above, if media reaches out to a Team Member about, that Team Member must first seek approval from the PR Team or Media contact before speaking to members of the media.


Photography and Taping

If a media outlet desires to simply film or tape without an interview, they will be welcome to do so in front of the property that faces the street. If there is any confusion or if you need any assistance, you may report to the front desk and someone will be called to assist. At no time is media allowed to film inside the property, unless media has previously contacted the PR Team or media contact to set up an appointment, or in the back parking lot of the property. This is to ensure the safety of our Team Members.


Media Procedure While on Property

  • For media that has set up a time to interview/tour/tape: Report to the front desk at the agreed upon time. The receptionist will contact the appropriate Team Member to meet you and escort you to where ever the location of the taping/interview will be. This Team Member will remain with the media at all times.
  • For media that is just taping without an appointment: Be sure to remain in the front lot that faces the street. If you are in need of assistance, please report to the front desk and the receptionist will call the appropriate Team Member to assist you.


Crisis or Emergency Procedures will release information as quickly as possible during a crisis or emergency situation. Press releases will be sent with updates throughout the time. If media is in need of urgent information, a crisis center will be set up with contact information sent out so that media may contact that center at any time.




If you are interested in setting up an interview or have a press inquiry, please email with your inquiry and a desired time to be contacted.