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Five Principles that Drive Us!


We don't believe in customer satisfaction.

  • Simple satisfaction isn't nearly enough. 
  • We believe in guest elation. 
  • Our guests must be miles beyond mere satisfaction. 
  • They must be so elated with their experience that they become passionate about us. They must be so energized that they interrupt conversations to tell others about us.


We're not afraid of giants.

  • The thought of competing with giant companies doesn't intimidate us. 
  • We always offer our guests something that gets themexcited about booking with us. 
  • We win each round with intelligent well-executed ideas and enthusiastic advocacy on behalf of our guests. 
  • Besides, most giants we know are slow-moving and clumsy. 
  • Why would we be afraid to battle a big oaf like that?


We believe in failing often.

  • We are not afraid to try something that may or may not work. 
  • We know going in that when you swing for the bleachers, you strike out most of the time. 
  • We choose to focus on the possibility of the game-winning home run, not the probability of striking out. 
  • We have built our business upon great ideas that spring from multiple failures. 
  • We never chastise ourselves for the honest try that didn't succeed. 
  • We know that in our business "playing it safe" is the most dangerous thing we could do.


We never write off the power of nuance.

  • We know that subtle things can make big differences. 
  • We know that many things in our business are seen by others as "no big deal". 
  • We believe, though, that doing even the little things well can lead a prospect to become a new guest. 
  • We're aware that although some wars in history werewon by one decisive battle, victory most often comes by winning a series of small skirmishes that may have seemed at the time to be insignificant.


We're never finished.

  • We know that there will never be a moment in time when we say we're through. 
  • There will always be a new idea that is better thanthe last idea. 
  • We will do better today than yesterday, better thisyear than last. 
  • Even when we've exceeded our wildest expectations, we look for ways to do even better the next time. 
  • We are happy when things are going well, but we never feel like we're done. We're known to say "if you think THAT was THIS!"