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Huge Problem #1: SLOWNESS

FROM ™ Technology

Up until now, finding THE deal has been almost a full day's work.

Just searching the Caribbean required checking nearly 40 airports, and you'd have to check ALL date ranges to see the best package prices. Hours to do!

Now, FROM™ Technology takes the slowness out of searching. With FROM™, the hours-long search above takes less than 5 seconds!

#1 Huge Problem FROM™ Fixes: SLOW is now FAST!


Huge Problem #2: IRRELEVANCE

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Up until now, ALL Travel Sites (including ours) showed irrelevant pricing on their home pages.

Prices quoted were just "best case scenarios", so YOUR price was almost always higher than the lead price.

You know the deal: "5 Night Package for $499" click on the link only to discover that the quoted price is only good if you fly out of some far away airport. You then have to check prices from YOUR airport, and the new price is ALWAYS higher!

FROM™ fixes the irrelevance thing. We show you the best deals FROM your airport(s). Not someone else's.

#2 Huge Problem FROM™ Fixes: Irrelevant is now RELEVANT!


EVERY travel site (including ours until now) requires you to input a DESTINATION In order to get a price quote.

That's a surprise, since about half of travelers are not destination-specific.
A good portion of our guests want ADVICE on where to go....usually with some idea in mind.
Like "I want to ski", or "I want to go someplace warm", or 'I want a honeymoon package".

With FROM™, you can tell us the KIND of vacation you want to take and just tell us around the time you want to go, and we'll countdown the best deals FROM your airport(s).FROM™ doesn't require a destination-we show ALL package deals FROM your Origin (your nearest major airport, with up to two more comparison airports)

#3 Huge Problem FROM™ Fixes: Destination Method is now ORIGIN METHOD!
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Put it all together, and you get
Fast-Relevant-Origin-Method Pricing! FROM™

What do you think? Let us know.

Although we hope you'll write that FROM is "brilliant", "the stroke of genius", "a masterpiece of technology" (those were the first comments we received, but we were actually talking among ourselves, so the 'grain of salt thing' comes into play) we want to know what YOU REALLY think.

Give it to us straight- we'll even post negative comments, so please let us know what you REALLY think!

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