Holiday Inn Express & Suites North Lima 2.5 Stars
10111 Market St View Map
North Lima, Ohio 44452 Guest Rating

Very Good 


Stephanie from Elgin, Illinois Verified Traveler
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Posted: Mon, Jul 08, 2013
"This is a very nice hotel. The 2 bedroom suite was very spacious and clean. The complimentary breakfast was alright but the lady working the breakfast line was awesome. The pool was small but I don't use it so it didn't make a difference. The staff there is what really makes this property the place to stay. Even though it's a bit pricey, I did enjoy my stay completely."

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Holiday Inn Express & Suites North Lima is located in North Lima and attractions in the region include Covelli Centre, Powers Auditorium, and Butler Institute of American Art. Regional points of interest also include Youngstown State University. Read More About Holiday Inn Express & Suites North Lima

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Room Sleeps up to 4 People
Room Sleeps up to 4 People
Room Sleeps up to 4 People
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