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Day Nice Hotel Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan (HND)

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Based on 57 reviews
Friendly Service!
Style: Friendly Service!
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Twin 2 Single beds

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Day Nice Hotel Tokyo
2-1-1 Kiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan 1350042


Day Nice Hotel Tokyo is within 5 minutes walk from JR Monzen Nakacho Station and Kiba Subway Station, 30 minutes by train from Haneda Aiport and 70 minutes from Narita Airport by Narita Express train.

Why Stay Here

  • Restaurant 
  • Sky Room
  • Karaoke 

Resort Details

Day Nice Hotel Tokyo offers 3-star accommodation in Tokyo. It also provides internet, a 24-hour reception and a lift. A Chinese restaurant and a cafounge are included in the hotel. A Karaoke room is also available with extra charge, able to accommodate up to 15 people in one room.

Accommodation Details

The hotel`s rooms are comfortable and offer cable / satellite channels. Rooms also provide complimentary toiletries for guests to enjoy. Guest rooms are simply designed, equipping standard amenities in all rooms. Several types of rooms are prepared for any use.

Restaurants, Lounges & Bars

With its on-site restaurant serving Chinese dishes, Day Nice Hotel Tokyo provides guests with all they need for an enjoyable night within the hotel.

Entertainment & Activities

  • Forget kabuki; sumo is better theater. If you happen to be in Tokyo during one of the three grand tournaments 15-day events in January, May and September you can catch some of the action at Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo`s National Sumo Hall.
  • Yoyogi Park in Shibuya-ku is the perfect comic relief after a low-key shrine stop. With living space so tight in this city, parks are the places for club meetings and practice sessions and even play rehearsals, and Yoyogi draws all sorts of talent, from horn players to hip-hop dancers to rockabilly gangs, complete with poodle skirts and Elvis-inspired pompadours, who usually gather by the park`s east side entrance on Sundays to jam to American pop music from the `50s. 
  • There`s a lot going on at and around the popular Roppongi Hills complex - a garden, a cinema, loads of shops, cafes and restaurants but if you stay focused, you can be in and out in an hour and hit all the highlights. 
  • It would be a shame to come to Tokyo and not take a walk across the famous intersection outside Shibuya Station. On sunny afternoons or clear evenings, the surrounding area is packed with shoppers, students, young couples and commuters. 
  • You can easily spend a fortune on meals in this city, but it`s more fun to rub elbows with salarymen at a standing bar or drink in some local color on the cheap at a small izakaya. Ebisu, a trendy neighborhood in Shibuya-ku, is full of these establishments, which specialize in grilled meat and vegetables, sashimi and other casual fare, cooked in tiny kitchens and served on petite plates. 
  • In Japan, karaoke usually happens in a private room with your friends or colleagues, with a waiter delivering drinks. But at Smash Hits, located at the west end of the Hiroo shotengai (neighborhood shopping street), you perform on stage before a random, rowdy audience. 
  • Most departing visitors leave town from Tokyo Station. Before you go, check out the Daimaru department store next door just outside the station`s Yaesu entrance. The kimono shop on the 10th floor is not geared to tourists; it`s where Japanese ladies come to order custom-made ensembles. The samples on display, and the price tags attached, will take your breath away.

  • Concierge
  • Conference Rooms
  • Dry Cleaning Service (+)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Meeting rooms
  • Non-Smoking Property
  • Restaurant (+)
  • Room Service
  • Safe Deposit at Front Desk
(+) = Additional fees may apply for the use of these amenities.
(*) = Free, some restrictions may apply

Based on 57 reviews
from Hong Kong, China
Submitted on 27-05-2015
March 19 - April 3 Business Trip Tokyo A very professional reception - Miyata san at Day Nice Hotel Tokyo Checked-in the hotel March 19 (Room 1030) not good, smelly and small standard room without view & screen (wall papered). Changed a deluxe room on March 22 (Room 922) much better, more space and window view. When check-in the hotel, fully-booked and only standard room available; then no choice. The original standard room (Room 1030), totally unacceptable, I bought air-fresh spray and pil... Read more
from Dhaka Division, Bangladesh
Submitted on 30-12-2015
My official tour to Japan after 9 years. I usually leaved in Tokyo all most 12 years and this was my 3rd time return-visit to Japan. First of all as a most expensive city in the world, Tokyo is femaouse. Therefore, I choose this hotel for convenient movement for my work and meeting with my nearest & dearst in Tokyo. Room was small but cozy. More-over, cheap and uniq. Because, if you don't change your room one day than you will get one free drinking water bottle (500ml). Morning breakfast was del... Read more
from ????
Submitted on 29-02-2016
???????京????????????????場???????????? ??????場?????10??弱??設?????????????????????????????????念???????
from San Diego, California
Submitted on 30-03-2016
Only a 2 star hotel. Bathroom reminded me of a RV bathroom, had very hot water though. No currency exchange though. Buffet was passable, coffee from the machine was ice cold. , had fish and rice as usual, salad, eggs, pretty standard stuff. Over all was just meh.
from Toyama, Japan
Submitted on 03-04-2016
?????????????????????足???? ???大??????場??????便????????????場??????????????????????????宿?????????????????????場代??????????????????????????? ??交????????????宿???????????????大?足?????
from Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Submitted on 19-08-2016
???????????帰???宿????中島???????????????????海?客?????????????????????????人????????????????????????????????????張????????????????????????????????????????段???????????????????????????????????京???風?????????????庫?空?????????????????????... Read more
from Yachiyo, Japan
Submitted on 25-08-2016
??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?販??????????????飲?????????????????????????????????????????????
from Taipei
Submitted on 12-10-2016
from Taipei, Taiwan
Submitted on 07-11-2016
飯????京????場???????仲????中???交??便???????????活??中????便????以????????廳???深?????????????12???????24??????????? 飯??????????起???大飯?????????????????館差?????????起????潢????以??設?????????設????????????????????? 飯?????????????... Read more
from Osaka, Japan
Submitted on 12-11-2016
宿??????????太???宿???????????????????????? ???????????京???????????????????????????????????????????歩5??以???????????????????????? ????件??込5,400??????????????? ?????????????????? ?????????????????????6?7,000????此?????????????????????????7?9,000?? 正??????... Read more
from ?馬?
Submitted on 12-11-2016
?張???????????? ??????????価??????????空?????????????????????????????????????? ?風????????????????????????????人?????????????????
Submitted on 26-11-2016
宿???????????????格??宿?????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 中?人????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????快?????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????... Read more
from Fukuoka, Japan
Submitted on 26-11-2016
????観??客??深???大????????????大声????????????客室??????????????????空??????????????????彼?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????以????????????????????????????????????????空室?????????????????????????... Read more
from Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
Submitted on 03-12-2016
???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????観??客????????????????譲??????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????