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Sao Paulo, BR 04576-100
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Conveniently located in one of the main business centers of So Paulo, The Hilton Sao Paulo Morumbi is the East Tower of the United Nations Business Center (CENU). The hotel has underground access to Shopping Nacoes Unidas and D&D shopping mall. Ibirapuera and Villa Lobos parks are a 10-minute drive away, as well as several music halls. It is only 8 km from Congonhas National Airport and 35 km from the Guarulhos International Airport. As one of the best Brazilian hotels for business, our central Sao Paulo hotel location provides easy access to the area's major business complex offices, and local attractions for your vacation or business needs.

Established in 1971, this was one of Sao Paulo`s first internationally recognized luxury hotels. Housed in a modern cylindrical-shaped building, the rooms are well-equipped and offer panoramic views of the surrounding environs. Hilton Sao Paulo Brazil offers luxurious rooms for your comfort. The Canvas Bar & Restaurant, overlooking our large atrium lobby featuring a glass canopy and a suspended art gallery, presents fine contemporary gastronomy and a wine cellar with more than 170 labels, happy hour with live music. The diverse buffet of Sol e Sombra (Sun and Shade) Restaurant offers a savory lunch. While in town, don't forget to take time out and pamper yourself in the LivingWell health club which is open 24 hours and The Sensory Spa, which offers different massages and facial treatments.

Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and the world`s 7th largest metropolitan area. It is called `the New York of Latin America` because the amount and size of its skyscrapers and buildings.

Sampa -how locals often refers to the city- is hardly a beautiful city, it's fast-paced and there is lots to do, but it's also a concrete jungle, Almost 50% of tourists come to So Paulo for business, 39% for leisure and the others for a medical treatment, to take a course or to go to the university.
No longer `the misty city`, increases in average temperature over the last 40 years have led to a reduction in the mists and fogs that once characterized the city.

Facts about Sao Paulo:

  • Its the largest Meetings & Events destination in the Americas.
  • Boasts the highest number of private jets in the world, the largest amount of Arab horses pure blood in the Americas, the highest Ferrari sales,
  • The only city in the world with 4 Tiffany stores, home to Louis Vuittons most profitable store worldwide, and it is the biggest market for Mont Blanc pens outside Switzerland.
  • 60% of Brazilian millionaires live in Sao Paulo.
  • Food is the best in the country and rivals that of any major capital in the world for its diversity and cosmopolitanism.
  • Its the biggest financial center in Brazil and the 10th richest city in the world.

  • Most of the wealthiest people in Brazil live there and the rest of them drop by at least once a year to shop for clothes, shoes, accessories, luxury items and anything else that money can buy.
  • The summer months temperatures can easily go up to 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit). In winter they rarely get lower than 10C (50F).
  • HHonors Hotel Reward Category: 5 (35,000 points per night)

    • Currency: brazilian money is called Real (exchange rate has been fluctuating regularly between R$1.70 to R$1.80 = US$1.00.
    • Water: The local water is filtered and safe to drink, although most still drink bottled water.
    • Touching: very common in Brazilian culture. Even business executives will greet each other with a kiss on each cheek, `a la Europe, and professional embraces or hugs are also common. If you're not sure how to act, let the local lead.
    • Stop Signs: frequently ignored at night, as well as red lights, as the drivers slow to a fast crawl through the intersection, so pay close attention if you drive or take a taxi.
    • When To Visit: expect hotter humid summer weather from December to February, and rainy weather from June to August. Summer has more tourists, local and foreign, however, Carnaval is in late February or early March, just before Ash Wednesday.
    • Regulations: minimum driving age is 18. The speed limit is 110kph (70mph) on most highways and 80kph (50mph) in cities. Passing on the right is forbidden. Seat belts must be worn by drivers and passengers.
    • Tipping: Check your bill, as a service charge is often included, otherwise, tipping 10% is fine.
    • Electric Current: uses both 120 and 240 volts for everyday appliances. There is NO physical difference in the electric outlets for the two voltages.
    • Food: a paradise for meat lovers, so dont miss eating at Churrascaria.
    • Language: Portuguese is the native language, people are very friendly and very much willing to help, so you dont have to learn the language ,but small words can take you a long way: Yes = sim, no = naum, hello = oi, please = por favor, No Thanks = Nao Obrigado, Excuse me = Com licenca, cool = legal, thanks = Obrigado for men, Obrigada for women.

Amenities: Hilton Sao Paulo Morumbi
  • Business Center (+)
  • Conference Rooms (+)
  • Fitness Facility
  • High Speed Internet (+)
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Pet-Friendly
  • Restaurant
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Whirlpool Tub
  • Wireless Internet (+)

(+) = Additional fees may apply for the use of these amenities.
(*) = Free, some restrictions may apply.