Featured Experiences - Santo Domingo

Cigar Country Tours

Cigar Tasting Basics Tour
On this tour, guests are taught the basic principles of cigar tasting. Discern your palate's preference by savoring three of our finest blends ranging from mild to full-bodied. You will learn how to differentiate between the size, shape and various flavors (blend, taste, aroma and strength) of ci ...More
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Cigar Masters Factory Tour and Tasting
This one-of-a-kind tour provides visitors a chance to attend our weekly Cigar Masters Tasting along with an in-depth cigar factory tour! The journey begins in the tobacco fields, then onto the preparation areas of La Flor Dominicana where we condition and classify the leaves in our blending room. ...More
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 Private Cigar Factory Tour
This in-depth cigar factory tour guides you through the process of how authentic cigars are made! Your guide will follow the path starting with the tobacco leaves from our tobacco aging warehouses all the way to the packaging of our premium handmade cigars. Guests will have the opportunity to wal ...More
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