Featured Experiences - Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Dolphin Experiences

Dolphin Encounter
Our Dolphin Encounter is designed for non-swimmers and families; it is an ideal introduction to dolphins. This encounter takes place in the shallow water of our seawater pool - where you`ll get acquainted with these friendly and curious characters and learn about their anatomy, physiology and the hi ...More
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Dolphin Swim Experience
Everyone dreams of swimming with dolphins, and with this Dolphin Swim Experience get your chance to chat, cuddle, play and swim with these charming and playful creatures. Designed for those who want the comfort of a shallow platform as well as an exciting swim encounter. From the platform, you will ...More
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Dolphin Signature Swim
The Dolphin Signature Swim is the ultimate dolphin swim, with small groups and the most interaction available anywhere. With two dolphins per group, you`re ensured the best possible opportunity to develop a close, personal bond with your new dolphin friends. During this deep-water, intimate swim, yo ...More
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Dolphin Extreme Swim
Designed for those seeking a little more adventure, the Dolphin Extreme program provides guests with the opportunity to interact with Dolphins in their world-underwater! Equipped with a mask, snorkel and fins, you will free swim and play with the animals as if you were one of them. You will also ...More
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