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Los Cabos Dolphin Experiences

Los Cabos Dolphin Encounter
Your experience begins with an educational session where you will learn about the anatomy, natural history and training of the bottlenose dolphin. The activity begins on our shallow platform, where our trainers will introduce you to the dolphins and you will make yourself comfortable with them in kn ...More
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Los Cabos Dolphin Swim
Limited Time Only, SAVE $40 on Adult Tickets
This Dolphin Swim program offers the smallest group size available anywhere to swim with dolphins! You're ensured the best possible opportunity to dev ...More
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Save $40 per Adult!
Los Cabos Dolphin Experience
This program starts with an interactive orientation by our dolphin experts, teaching you all about the dolphin's anatomy, physiology and unique characteristics. You'll learn special hand training signals and positive reinforcement to communicate directly with these highly intelligent creatures. Next ...More
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