Attraction & Exhibit Experiences - Las Vegas

Machine Guns Vegas

The Femme Fatale Experience
The Femme Fatale Experience, for the mysterious, seductive women who wants to enjoy a little firepower before heading out on the Strip. You start with a choice of some lightweight firepower that will be a blast to blast! Choose to shoot 25 rounds on each of the HK MP5 and M4 ...More
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The SAS Experience
Get our SAS Experience and fire the same guns used by the SAS, Her Majesty's Special Air Service, the elite branch of the United Kingdom Special Forces (UKSF). Famous for their campaigns worldwide. You will fire the The HK MP5 (25 rounds) which was famously used in the SAS r ...More
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Full Auto Experience
An "Only in Vegas" combination of world-class service, outstanding ultra-club design and a state-of-the-art gun range, creating an entertainment concept that's unrivaled anywhere. Our personal customer service and knowledgeable staff creates a unique combination of hospitality and firearms expert ...More
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